Donetsk, Feb 20 – DAN. The Russian language is a powerful element uniting the multi-million Russian nation, said DPR Head Denis Pushilin speaking at the opening of the Russian Language Year in the Republic.

"Our nation is a lucky one: our ancestors left us a true treasure – the Russian literature that has enriched our and world culture."

He said that a number of event would be laucnhed in the DPR on the eve of the International Mother Language Day, February 21.

The ceremony to celebrate the event took place in the Donetsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. A number of DPR authorities representatives, Russian choreographer Andrey Kuznetsov-Vecheslov and actress Anastasia Mikhailovskaya took part in the celebration.

Earlier Pushilin signed a decree to announce that 2019 is the Year of the Russian Language in the DPR following the initiative of the Donetsk Republic social movement. *ot*pp