Donetsk, Jul 28 - DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic Head Denis Pushilin extended his best wishes to DPR residents on the Equiapostolic Grand Prince Vladimir memorial day. The address was carried by the DPR leader’s Telegram channel.

“On the memorial day of Saint Equapostolic Prince Vladimir we mark a pivotal event for the whole Russian world, the Christianisation of Rus,” he said. “In 988, prince Vladimir Svyatoslavovich launched the next round of the Russian civilisation raising Rus to a new level of development as he laid a strong foundation of one Slavic state.”

It is the shared faith that determined the spiritual development of our ancestors and the centuries-long history of the Russian state, and helped overcome many difficulties on this path.

While realising the role of orthodox consolidation, the post-maidan Kiev is making all efforts to divide the believers. “Even now, its politics is aimed at the schism of the Russian Orthodox Church, division and breakup of centuries-old spiritual rules,” Pushilin said.

Today, Donbass actually continues to be at the sharp end of the fight for not only the right to speak in the native Russian language, know and respect its history, but also for the right to visit orthodox churches and be Russian in spirit.

“We’re on the frontline of the Russian world, standing guard over orthodox values - these are our key references in life. So it will always be. My sincere conviction is that the Donbass people, consolidated by faith and undefeated by enemy, will surely have the long-awaited peace, stability and prosperity,” Pushilin said.

The DPR legislation captured Day of Christianisation of Rus as a historic landmark which had a great influence on the social, spiritual and cultural development of Slavic peoples. Church calendar annually marks July 28 as the Memorial Day of Equiaspotolic Grand Prince Vladimir under whom the Christianisation took place in 988.*jk*pp