Donetsk, Oct 19 – DAN. The DPR People's Council has cut the excise tax by three times for motor fuel and diesel.
DAN corresponded said the decision has been adopted by 79 voices of 80, one abstained.

The fuel excise tax is being lowered from 150 USD per ton to 50 USD.

"DPR authorities' top priority is to raise living standards. The country faces a number of problems, but there are effective mechanism that can influence their settlement in the nearest future. One of the problems is fuel prices," said Pushilin who has initiated the tax cut.

"It shall have positive effect on the prices at gas stations almost immediately; it shall be a push towards economy's and agriculture stable performance. It shall definitely bring down prices and increase purchasing power."

Pushilin said the authorities are to monitor the fuel prices drop. "Reducing fuel prices is the first step on the way to our top priority, which is a higher living standard."*ot