Donetsk, Dec 1 – DAN. The words of Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko about Donbass are of a landmark nature for the DPR, the dean of the political analysis department of the Donetsk National University Kirill Cherkashin said.

Lukashenko said on Monday that Belarus wouldn't stay away in case Western countries decide to escalate the conflict in Donbass and turn it into a full-fledged war. "They perfectly realize that of they unleash a war again in Donbass or somewhere on Russian border, Belarus will not stay away. It is obvious whose side we will take," he said.

"This is a landmark statement," Cherkashin said, "Earlier Belarus assumed a multispectral position." "Minsk was picked as a negotiation platform because of its neutrality," he explained.

Lukashenko's words come as a result of Western politics, according to the expert. "The West and Minsk won't meet each other halfway," he said. *ot