Donetsk, Jan 22 – DAN. DPR Ministry of communications addressed the Vodafone company asking it to assist in the restoration of the MTS Ukraine mobile services in the Republic, the ministry head Viktor Yatsenko said.

"Given that Vodafone blocked the access to its equipment for the remaining technical crews of the former MTS Ukraine, given that the remaining crews are unable to meet complex commutation challenges, we are asking Vodafone to send staff to check the technical state and to launch the network in the DPR territory."

The ministry is ready to provide all necessary assistance to coordinate and carry out the repairs. Yatsenko said it was also necessary to settle some administrative issues, such as electricity bills.

"The ministry cannot fund the utility costs arising from usage of Vodafone mobile switching centers from the DPR budget," he explained.

On January 11, the DPR was cut off from the last Ukrainian mobile carrier MTS-Ukraine (Vodafone) services after an emergency disconnection of communication channel outside Elenovka, leaving the Phoenix operator the only provider of mobile call service. Sales of DPR Phoenix mobile operator starter kits grew immediately. DDoS attacks on the carrier’s network have been reported as well as technical failures due to a dramatically growing number of customers. To fix the glitches, 30 base stations, previously belonging to Lifecell operator, have been connected to the Phoenix network. *ot