Donetsk, May 9 - DAN. Vladimir Bidyovka, Chairman of the People's Council of the DPR, took part in the ceremony of lighting the Eternal Flame at the Common Grave of Soviet Soldiers in the village of Mangush, liberated from Ukrainian occupation, near Mariupol, the Parliament's press service said.

“It is very gratifying and symbolic that today the Eternal Flame will be lit again at the Common Grave of soldiers who gave their lives for peace and freedom. They defeated fascism, and not only on the territory of the Soviet Union, but also in its lair - in Berlin," the speaker of the People's Council said.

The ceremony was attended by veterans, locals and the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the All-Russia People's Front Michael Kuznetsov.

The Flame of Memory campaign started on May 6 in Moscow; activists deliver lamps with particles of the Eternal Flame to regions of Russia and other countries. A ceremony of lightning the Eternal Flame took place today at Saur-Mogila memorial centre and in Mariupol. *ot