Donetsk, Dec 12 — DAN. The Donetsk National Technical University (DonNTU) team which won a gold medal at Russia’s competitive programming championship will keep improving their skills to uphold the high standards, said team leader Ivan Sygin.

“We feel proud for our guys and our Republic, ” Sygin told the Donetsk News Agency.  “You probably noticed that the Petersburg and Moscow teams were top scorers in other sections. We came third in the overall medal standing and took gold at Russia’s first championship for which we had worked in earnest day and night.”

The DPR team, having taken the position of champions, has to keep on working to show good results for the Republic, he said.

Eleven teams from Russian regions made it to the finals of the competitive programming championship held in Moscow on December 6 — 11. The Donetsk People’s Republic was represented by Ivan Sygin, leonid Sygin, Mikhail Vavilin, Konstantin Rydnev, Daniil Kiselev who won gold in the product programming event.

The Donetsk News Agency earlier reported that DonGTU students were getting ready to participate in Russia’s programming championship finals.*jk