Donetsk, Jun 27 — DAN. The technology developed by a Donetsk National Technical University (DonNTU) engineer has entered the finals of the Innovation Promotion Fund’s contest, the press service of the Donetsk People’s Republic State Committee on Science and Technology said on Tuesday.

“In case of victory, the research team will get a one-million-ruble grant for a startup to use the technology on an industrial scale, ” the press service said.

Aluminum ligature production by electroslag remelting of swarf is the know-how of DonNTU Electrometallurgy Department engineer Anatoly Martynenko. The alloys produced by this method are resistant to corrosion and have better stress-related properties.

“Machining of just one workpiece yields up to 60 percent of metal chips which are found in large quantities in industrial regions.  We compact mixtures of chips into consumable electrode for electroslag remelting which is a well-known method in the production of quality alloys. Сhip compaction and remelting technologies give new opportunities to manufacture such products, ” the Committee’s press service quoted Martynenko as saying.

He noted that Russian authorities provide “awesome options for new technologies” to researchers. *jk