Donetsk, Nov 28 – DAN. DPR authorities cancel the accreditation of Czech humanitarian organization People in Need (PIN, Člověk v tísni).

"The reasons for cancellation are as follows: corruption schemes, attempts to take humanitarian aid out of DPR under the pretext of damage and sell it abroad, carrying out provocations and showing contempt to the Republic people," said Denis Pushilin, head of inter-agency committee for humanitarian missions accreditations.

In particular, one of PIN high-rank officials had visited Ukrainian Azov nationalistic squad and invited its commander Yaromir Stetin to EU Parliament to give a speech on "Russian occupation of Donbass".

"The committee could no longer ignore the behavior of PIN members and though being grateful for the aid it provided the committee unanimously decided to cancel the Czech humanitarian organization People in Need accreditation under Art.5p.1Section II Law on Inter-Agency Committee for Accreditation of Humanitarian Missions", Pushilin explained.

DAN published the article about PIN cancelled accreditation on Nov. 26th. All its non-DPR members should leave the Republic.