Donetsk, Mar 2 – DAN. DPR authorities exposed gross violation of relief supplies storage conditions during a check at Ukrainian humanitarian centre Pomozhem (“We’ll Help”), and launched stocktaking its warehouses, the Republic’s Emergencies Minister Alexey Kostrubitskiy told reporters on Tuesday.

“The humanitarian aid was brought into DPR territory without quality or quantity control,”Kostrubitskiy said, adding that baby food expiry date was almost one year overdue and that there was excessive humidity, mould and lack of ventilation in Pomozhem warehouses.

“It poses a threat to people’s health,” the minister said. In this connection, DPR head Alexander Zakharchenko ordered urgent stocktaking of the relief supplies brought to the republic by the Pomozhem humanitarian foundation.

On 1 March, DPR placed under receivership the companies that had been operating in the Republic under Ukrainian jurisdiction.

DPR Emergencies Ministry informed aid recipients that distribution of relief supplies would resume after Pomozhem food packages were carefully checked and repacked. *jk