Gorlovka, Dec 6 - DAN. DPR authorities delivered more than 40 tons of coal, firewood, medications and foodstuffs to frontline Dolomitnoye and Golmovskiy villages outside Gorlovka.

DPR Council of Ministers Deputy Chairman Dmitriy Trapeznikov and acting Gorlovka administration head Ivan Prikhodko supervised the delivery of humanitarian aid and its unloading.

“We brought humanitarian aid such as food and medication packages, firewood and coal to Golmovskiy and Dolomitnoye at DPR Нead Alexander Zakharchenko’s instruction,” Trapeznikov said. “It was not easy to get to Dolomtinoye; the road is in the fire sector, so we had to take a detour.”

Relief supplies to the two settlements included 42 tons of coal, more than 20 truckloads of firewood, medication packages (anti-viral drugs, antibiotics, wound closure materials etc) and food.

“In Golmovskiy, coal and firewood were delivered to 18 families. We’ll bring combustibles to several dozen applicants in the nearest future; there are 150 applicants overall,” Prikhodko said.

Golmovskiy and Dolomitnoye are located in the north-eastern suburbs of frontline Gorlovka. Ukrainian forces regularly shell the settlements causing civilian casualties and damage to housing and infrastructure. *jk