Donetsk, Dec 15 – DAN. The public committee for registering Ukrainian authorities’ war crimes in Donbass passed evidence of 30 crimes of Ukrainian army to the International Criminal Court in the Hague, a commission representative told a news conference on Thursday.

“We handed over materials on 30 crimes committed by Ukrainian forces in Donbass. Of those, 20 prove torture of prisoners and another 10 evidence crimes against children. The ICC replied that it has accepted the files for review,” said lawyer Elena Shishkina.

As of now, the Commission has gathered evidence of more than 100 crimes committed by Kiev forces in Donbass. Activists travelled to 70 crime scenes and questioned some 300 witnesses and injured parties.

Another 25 documents on shelling-related casualties among children are to be passed to ICC shortly.

The Public Committee that includes lawyers and forensic experts began work in mid-2015. Its key objective is to gather evidence of Ukrainian army’s war crimes in the region. *jk