Donetsk, Jul 31 - DAN. DPR’s public commission for recording Kiev’s war crimes in Donbass passed to the International Criminal Court in July the materials on 25 episodes in which 60 civilians were hurt.

“Over the period from 1 to 31 July 2017, the Public Commission passed to ICC prosecutors a body of evidence on 25 episodes of Ukrainian troops’ crimes against DPR population in which 60 people were hurt, including five minors,” Commission member, lawyer Elena Shishkina told Donetsk News Agency on Monday. “Eighteen people were killed by artillery strikes.”

The Commission has passed to ICC information on 287 Donbass conflict victims (165 adults and 122 minors) since it began operation.

The Public Commission for Recording Kiev’s war crimes in Donbass began to work in mid-2015. It includes specialists in various fields, such as law and criminal investigation. *jk