Donetsk, Feb 8 - DAN. Donetsk Republic social movement activists plan to implement four projects for socially disadvantaged groups in the Donetsk People's Republic in 2018, the movement’s Central Executive Committee head Natalia Volkova told reporters on Thursday.

“In 2018, we’ll present four project to improve the Republic’s welfare. They will help DPR socially disadvantaged groups needing medical and legal assistance and face-to-face contacts,” Volkova said.

The project will help the elderly, servicemen, handicapped people and those who are unable to come in person to the Reception Office of Donetsk Republic movement Chairman, DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko, she added.

“We hold many actions as part of these projects. Some 1,000 events are held in DPR towns and districts every month,” Volkova said.

The Donetsk Republic (DR) movement was established on 3 October 2014; it has branches across DPR bringing together over 195,000 members, some of them live in the Kiev-controlled territory. The movement engages in political and public activities, runs welfare projects and organises cultural events. It forms the largest faction comprising 64 deputies in the 100-seat DPR parliament. *jk