Donetsk, Aug 24 — DAN. A mini-photo exhibition “Donbass is us!”, dedicated to six months since the beginning of the special military operation, was organized by the state enterprise “Donbass Post” in the form of postcards. 

The project was organized under the aegis of the Donetsk News Agency.

“Donbass is us!” is the title of the issue comprising six postcards, of which symbolic 182 copies are available, as it is the number of days since the beginning of the special operation.

“The main characters of this kind of mini-photo exhibition are young people who are actively involved in the life of the Republic, ” the company noted.

Each card has a QR code with a link to the DAN publication, where more information about the moment or event captured in the photo is available.

You can buy a limited collector’s edition on the Donbass Post website in the philately section. *ot