Donetsk, May 9 - DAN. The DPR Head Denis Pushilin has congratulated the Republic's citizens on the 77th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Eternal Flame at Saur-Mogila lit with fire from the Unknown Soldier Tomb in Moscow

"Dear veterans! We, the residents of Donbass, are proud of you. You are our role model and moral standard. We follow the path of courage and bravery that you have laid down and inbreathe all the life lessons that you generously share with us. The valiant defenders of Donbass inherited a particle of the Living Fire from the generation of victors. The military school of the Donetsk People's Republic is famous for its already legendary valour", he said.

The continuity of generations, according to the DPR Head, is reflected in the unity against modern fascism and Nazi ideology.

These days, he added, see a struggle for the very existence of the Victory Day as one of the pillars of the historical memory of the people and its spiritual strength.

“The question “What will the future of mankind be like?” is being answered, and one of the answers is in the Donbass land. Our people share the great honour of making history, this is a decisive mission that we will certainly cope with. Our liberation operation is not just a war of armies - it is a battle of ideas, a battle of worldviews. We are again making a civilizational choice, just like eight decades ago,” Pushilin concluded. *ot