Donetsk, Aug 23 – DAN. The square in central Donetsk adjacent to the House of Government (former Regional state administration), shall be named after Alexander Zakharchenko, the late DPR Head.

"The square in front of the House of Government shall be named after Alexander Zakharchenko," said the incumbent DPR Head Denis Pushilin.

He reminded that in 2014 thousands of people gathered at this square for a rally against the coup-d'etat in Kiev, and this place had since become a symbol of resistance and fight for the Russian World.

Pushilin said that Zakharchenko had also become a symbol of the fight for freedom and independence, the unity and people's will.

"This is out duty, to name the square after him. Our descendants must know and remember the name of the DPR first Head."

DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko won the DPR Head election on November 2, 2014. Major General, he was injured several times during the war, and was awarded the Golden Star of the Republic’s Hero and other awards. He died in an explosion in central Donetsk on August 31, 2018. The 2nd department of the 5th directorate for counterintelligence of the Ukrainian security service has been identified as complicit in the murder.*ot