Donetsk, Jul 29 — DAN. Investigation operations concerning foreign mercenaries Dylan Healy and Andrew Hill have been finalized, and the Brits will face court, a source told DAN.

“Investigation has been completed, just some procedural technicalities remain, It is about transferring the indictment, preparation and filing the case with court,” the source said.

The defendants are charged with mercenary activities.

Healy and Hill were captured at the Iliycha plant in Mariupol and in the Nikolayev region, respectively. 

The Appeals Chamber of the Donetsk People’s Republic Supreme Court handed down on June 9 death sentences to three foreign mercenaries who had fought on the side of Ukrainian armed formations. The defendants, British nationals Shaun Pinner and Aiden Aslin and a Moroccan national Saadun Brahim, are the first foreign mercenaries to be convicted in the Donetsk People’s Republic. They were charged under four articles of the DPR Criminal Code: committing a crime by a group of persons, violent coup or retention of power by force, mercenary activities, and training for terrorist activity. The mercenaries pleaded guilty to the charges.

The court found that the mercenaries’ actions led to civilian casualties and damage to the Republic’s social and civil infrastructure. *ot