Donetsk, Apr 19 — DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic’s Republic Acting Head Denis Pushilin has said that the meetings with specialists over the launch date for the Don-Donbass water duct will be held in the nearest future.

“The water duct pre-commissioning activities are ongoing. Given the technical aspects, people have to know the date when they will have tap water, ” Pushilin said on the Solovyev LIVE program. “We’re going to meet with representatives of the dedicated services and military construction workers to decide on the new water duct launch date.”

Earlier reports said that military construction workers were tapping the river Don to fill up the reservoirs of the new water duct running to Donbass. The program is implemented at the instruction of Russian President Vladimir Putin. It will partially solve the life-support problem of the region which has been experiencing water shortages for more than a year.*jk