Donetsk, Jun 13 — DAN. “United Russia Young Guard” and “Volunteer Company” activists will gather stories of Great Patriotic War veterans living in Donbass to publish a book of their recollections dating back to 1941-1945, ” the press service of the All-Russia political party reported on Tuesday.

“The number of veterans who fought for the freedom of our country during the Great Patriotic War decreases every year.  They tell many stories, and it is our duty to know these stories and tell them to other people and youths, ” the press service quoted “Young Guard” chairman Anton Demidov as saying. “To preserve the memory of the great feat of the Soviet people, our volunteers will be gathering these stories. In 2024, we plan to publish the book titled ‘A Veteran’s Diary. True war stories. Donbass.’  

A new team of volunteers has left for the new regions in the runup to Day of Remembrance and Sorrow. Activists will visit Great Patriotic War veterans to help them and record their stories, Demidov said.

Day of Remembrance and Sorrow is one of the saddest dates in Russian history. Early in the morning of June 22, 1941, the Nazi Germany, without declaration of war, attacked the Soviet Union, delivering massive strikes at strategic facilities and numerous towns 250 to 300 kilometers deep into its territory. Every year on June 22, the country venerates the memory of all servicemen killed in fighting, the people killed in artillery and bombing attacks, executed or tortured to death in concentration camps and punitive operations, and those who died in besieged towns, in the rear or occupied regions from hunger, cold or disease.*jk