Donetsk, Sep 4 — DAN. Social coordinators of the Defenders of the Fatherland Fund will work across the whole territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic, said a representative of the Fund’s office which opened in Makeyevka on Monday. 

“The main office is located in Roza Luxembourg Street in Donetsk, and now we’re planning to open offices across the Republic, ” he told the Donetsk News Agency. “We’re the third office, or, rather social coordinators. Our branch was launched in Makeyevka’s Sovetsky district and we’ve now in the town’s Gornyatsky district as well as in Torez.”

The Fund plans to launch its offices in another 20 settlements.

“Defenders of the Fatherland” provides assistance to Special Military Operation participants, families of killed servicemen and war veterans. Its branches perform the function of socials coordinators. The Fund was established pursuant to presidential decree dated April 3, 2023.*jk