Donetsk, Apr 14 - DAN. Forty-three schools have reopened in the Donetsk People’s Republic southern settlements liberated from Ukrainian invaders, local administrations officials told the Donetsk News Agency on Thursday.

“Ten of 16 schools opened in the Volodarsky district and eight of 12 in the Pershotravnevy district (the areas are temporarily administered by Novoazovsk - eds Donetsk News Agency). Nearly everybody stayed back, both teachers and pupils. These areas were almost unaffected by fighting,” head of the Novoazovsky District Education Department Alyona Safronova said.

The schools started onsite classes, she added. In the Talakovka settlement, classes were moved to the local administration building as the school had been badly damaged in the shelling.

Inna Kucher who leads the Starobeshevsky district administration’s organizational and legal work said that the liberated settlements administered by the district had relaunched three schools, with onsite classes in Nikolayevka and online classes in the Bugas village and the Olginka settlement.

Telmanovo district administration head Natalia Velikodnaya said that the liberated areas she is responsible for have reopened 20 schools. Classes are held onsite. In Volnovakha, one school has reopened, said the Dokuchayevsk administration head who temporarily administers the liberated town.

The DPR schools resumed online learning on March 23 after a break caused by mounting Kiev aggression. DPR Head Denis Pushilin ordered to organize pre-school and secondary school teaching in liberated areas starting April 11. Both onsite and online teaching is permitted. *jk