Donetsk, Nov 30 DAN. Construction and assembly works on the diagnostic and treatment unit of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency’s (FMBA) multi-purpose medical center in Mariupol have been completed, the FMBA press service reported.

“The first stage construction and assembly operations have been finished, ” the report said. “Personnel will be hired after the commissioning of the diagnostic and treatment unit.”

The installation of medical equipment began in August. The facility will have all necessary equipment in accordance with Russian standards, the FMBA said.

Earlier reports said that the diagnostic and treatment center with an area of 36,000 square meters would house the ambulance, surgery and resuscitation units and a 60-bed in-patient facility.

A 333-bed multi-purpose in-patient unit will be built on medical center premises by December 2024. The medical center’s total area exceeds 60,000 square meters. It will have 11 surgery rooms for high-tech operations including angiographic ones for patients with cardiovascular pathology.  A helicopter pad will be installed for the transportation of seriously ill patients.

The medical center will admit patients from all the new Russian regions.*jk