Donetsk, Sep 25 - DAN. One hundred and twenty-five students in their first year at the Donetsk People’s Republic Police Academy have sworn allegiance to the Republic on Friday. The oath-taking ceremony, attended by DPR leader Denis Pushilin, was held near the monument to Donbass Liberators in the DPR capital.

“You are facing intense studies and training. You have to make maximum efforts to be able to hold the rank of cadet, and subsequently the rank of police officer with honour. Be self-disciplined, diligent and resilient, have leadership qualities and learn independent decision-making,” Pushilin said. “Always be honest and faithful to your Motherland, defend its freedom and people’s rights, and learn to serve well to make the Republic proud of you.”

He thanked the cadets’ parents for proper upbringing of their children.

“Among the recruits who are taking the oath today are followers of family traditions. Your fathers faithfully serve the Motherland, follow their example and hold your parents in honour,” the DPR leader said.

The ceremony began as the DPR flag and the Academy banner were paraded and the Republic’s anthem played. Every first-year student then swore the oath of allegiance pledging to protect the law and citizens.

The Donetsk Police Academy, accommodated at the former Donetsk Law Institute, was established on June 3, 2015. It comprises five departments for full-time students: criminal police, public security police, investigation and forensics, law and interior troops and also has the faculties of extramural and distance studies.*jk