Donetsk, Jul 12 – DAN. Three graduates of Donetsk National Technical University received certificates granting them employment with Yuzovsky (UMZ) metallurgical plant. The ceremony of receiving certificates took place today at the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Donetsk.

"The University and the Ministry have recently signed an interagency agreement of cooperation and held a competition to choose graduates who will be employed with Yuzovsky metallurgical plant," said acting minister of trade Alexey Granovskiy.

Yuzovsky plant needs about 300 employees, he said. The three graduates will sign contracts with the plant tomorrow to become a part of ferrous metals team.

The graduates said the main thing for them at the moment is gaining experience and employment records.

On 25 July 2016, DPR Council of Ministers decided to establish the UMZ using the facilities of Donetsk Electrometallurgical Plant (DEMZ) which had been stopped by Ukrainian authorities in late 2012. The UMZ sprawls over 60 hectares of land. Some 400 workers are engaged in the pre-launch works. The UMZ administration plans to hire more employees and produce about 30,000 tons of steel a month, part of which will be exported.*ot