Donetsk, Jun 23 – DAN. Over 5,800 pupils, or 70 percent of DPR school graduates, received A- or B-marks at the Unified State Exam in Russian language, said the head of the Education Ministry Larisa Polyakova.

"Overall, 8,322 school graduates passed the Unified State Exam, all of them took the mandatory exam in Russian language, A-marks have been attributed to 28,44pc; B-marks – to 41,29pc."

Polyakova said 26 people who graduated in previous years and currently reside in Kiev-controlled territories, took the exam.

The marks can be checked via personal accounts at the official website of the Republican service for control and supervision in the sphere of education and science.

The Unified State Exam takes place among 11-year pupils from May 30 to June 14. All schools graduates have to pass the mandatory exam in Russian language, and choose two or three other subjects among chemistry, physics, geography, mathematics, history, biology, literature and foreign languages. *ot