Donetsk, Jul 11 - DAN. More than 20,000 prospective students from Russia, DPR, LPR and Kiev-controlled territory have applied to DPR universities, the Republic’s Education and Science Minister Larisa Polyakova said on Tuesday.

“As of 10 July, 20,000 applications had been submitted; 250 applications were filed within the scope of the Donbass people reunification programme,” Polyakova said. "Fourteen state higher professional education institutions take part in the humanitarian programme.”

Applications to study in DPR came from residents of Kiev-controlled Aremovsk, Mariupol, Slavyansk, Avdeyevka, Artyomovsk, Selidovo, Volnovakha, Chasov-Yar, Krasnogorovka etc, the minister said.

Sixty-two applications were submitted by Russian citizens, 59 by residents of Ukrainian regions, and 118 by LPR residents, she said.

Applications to DPR universities opened on 26 June; closing date is 31 July. Residents of Kiev-controlled part of Donetsk Region are invited to study in DPR within the framework of the Donbass people reunification programme. Prospective students can apply to two DPR universities for two professions.*jk