Donetsk, Oct 2 — DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic Head Denis Pushilin has congratulated the residents of the region on the first anniversary of reunification with Russia.

“We’ve been waiting for and bringing closer this event for 8.5 long and difficult years, ” Pushilin said in a video address on his Telegram channel on Saturday. “Far from everyone outside our Republic shared our faith in the coming of this happy day.”

“We’ve been walking toward it, teeth clenched and full of patience, fighting for our land and believing that the thorny path will bring us home. And we were rewarded for our trials and steadfastness <…>  all DPR residents voted unanimously for reunification with Russia. It was a historic moment when the will of the people found its unequivocal expression. And Russia received us with open arms, ” he said.

The first year with Russia launched active integration and extensive construction and repairs. The scope of construction in the Republic is difficult to overestimate, the DPR leader said expressing his gratitude to the president, government and parliament for comprehensive assistance.

 “I’m proud of our team, Russian Spring activists and our defenders' standing at the origin of these historic events. The plans of the collective Wests are not destined to come true; Russia is getting stronger; and we will continue this fair fight as a part of Russia, ” Pushilin said.  

On September 30, President Vladimir Putin congratulated the Russian nationals on Day of Reunification with the new regions. He thanked the residents of the new territories for their firmness and resolve. *jk