Donetsk, Jul 1 — DAN. Some 100 orphaned children and children without parental care from the Donetsk People’s Republic have applied for Russian citizenship using a fast track procedure.  It became possible thanks to the Russian president’s decree issued in May, said Eleonora Fedorenko, the child rights advisor to the DPR Head.

“The Russian president’s decree on fast track Russian citizenship for DPR and LPR residents dated 2019 did not include such a group as children from state-supported organizations, ” Fedorenko said. “On May 30, the decree was amended to include children from government institutions in the group eligible for fast track Russian citizenship. There’s already the first group of applicants which numbers some 100 people.”

Russian citizenship conferment makes DPR orphaned children and children without parental care equal in rights with Russian children, she added.

It will considerably ease the provision of assistance to them by Russia. “What is the benefit of Russian citizenship? It’s no secret that we send children to Russia for medical treatment, especially those with serious illnesses who cannot get medical assistance here. But this costs money; we’re looking for money. But now they are citizens who enjoy equal rights with Russian children, ” Fedorenko said.

On May 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on fast track Russian citizenship for orphaned children from the DPR, LPR and Ukraine. In April, Russia and the Donbass Republics coordinated the moves towards an agreement on the adoption of Donbass orphans in Russia.*jk