Donetsk, Aug 28 — DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic residents no longer have to wait in queues to get a Russian passport, DPR Acting Head Denis Pushilin said on Monday. 

“Thanks to the Interior Ministry Migration Service and assistance from sponsor regions we do not record any passport queues at present, ” Pushilin told the Russia 24 news channel.

Residents might still have to wait in order to get various passport entries such as the one concerning registration of the place of residence, he added.

The Donetsk News Agency earlier reported about “Young Republic” and “United Russia” activists’ assistance in passport processing provided to multi-functional public services centers, Migration Service and citizens with reduced mobility.

Before the DPR’s accession to Russia, passports were issued in the Rostov region under the fast track procedure approved in the spring of 2019.  Back then, the key requirement was the availability of DPR citizenship. It no longer applies, and passports are issued across the DPR territory.*jk