Donetsk, Oct 19 – DAN. World-famous doctor Emil Fistal considers DPR Interim Head Denis Pushilin a worthy successor to the late DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko.

"Regretfully, the Republic lost its leader, who died tragically. Now we face a dilemma, whom should we choose out of the five candidates? I shall vote for Denis Pushilin as he is Zakharchenko's follower."

Pushilin has proved to be an efficient leader and pragmatic politician willing to resolve problems.

"He is now dealing with the most important thing – the economy. Salaries have already been raised for state companies' employees. He has all the chances to win the election, as he is one of us, he hears the people."

Fistal said Pushilin's victory shall allow the country to develop further.

Professor Emil Fistal M.D. has received a number of important awards in Ukraine and Russia for his professional achievements. He is the head of the Donetsk Institute of Urgent and Reconstructive Surgery and its burns treatment unit, author of more than 400 scientific publications and 32 inventions. *ot