DPR, Aug 2 — DAN. The “United Russia” (ER) political party is working on a revival and development strategy for the Donetsk People’s Republic, DPR Acting Head, ER regional branch Secretary Denis Pushilin said on Wednesday.

“One of the government objectives is to make sure that the prices of basic commodities in the DPR are not higher than in neighboring regions, ” Pushilin said at the first conference of the regional branch.

It is a part of the Republic’s revival and development strategy, on which the party continues to actively work, he said as he was elaborating on ER tasks in the region.

The strategy is based on recommendations of citizens in the course of their meetings with “United Russia” activists, so it is a “true people’s strategy, ” the DPR leader said.

Earlier, the ER included the development of the new regions in its People’s Program.*jk