Donetsk, Sep 25 - DAN. Ten people have submitted documents to the Donetsk People’s Republic Central Election Commission for nomination as candidates in the DPR's Head of Republic election, CEC chairwoman Olga Pozdnyakova told reporters at a press briefing on Tuesday.

“Today, at 18:00, the CEC stopped taking documents for the Head of Republic election. Ten people have officially been nominated,” Pozdnyakova said.

The candidates are Denis Pushilin, Pavel Gubarev, Yelena Shishkina, Igor Khakimzyanov, Roman Khramenkov, Ivan Mikhailov, Vladimir Medvedev, Vyacheslav Dyakov, Roman Evstifeyev and Valentin Spriridonov.

Another potential candidate, Alexey Ovcharenko, has failed to meet document requirements for nomination set by the DPR law and CEC regulations,” the CEC official said.

The registration of canddiates for the DPR’s top post was open from September 21 till September 25. Acting DPR Head Denis Pushilin was the first to complete the registration procedure.

On September 7, the DPR parliament set November 11 as the date of the parliamentary and Head of Republic election and appointed the Central Election Commission.*jk