Donetsk, Dec 7 — DAN. The Federation Council upper house of the Russian parliament has passed a resolution setting the next presidential election for March 17, 2024.

“The decision actually kicks off the election campaign, ” said FC speaker Valentina Matviyenko. “A presidential election is always the key political event that vectors Russia’s future development.”

In the first place, it is the highest manifestation of the rule of the people which makes up the basis of Russia’s statehood and the whole 1,000-year old Russian civilization, she said.

The FC voted unanimously for the resolution brought forward by the FC Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building. The decision comes into force on day of its official publication.

Earlier, the Central Election Commission approved the list of documents required from presidential candidates from political parties. The CEC also approved the IDs of registered candidate and elected president. 

It will be the eighth presidential election in Russia.*jk