Donetsk, Nov 18 – DAN. The plan of Donbass reintegration developed at the office of Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky and widely publicized, did not take DPR authorities by surprise, said DPR Head Denis Pushilin.

Earlier some media leaked a letter by the security council secretary Alexey Danilov to head of the presidential administration, state security head and prime minister suggesting to open administrative and criminal cases against Donbass residents who are not “pro-Ukrainian” and to relocate them either to Russia or to central and western Ukraine for a “rehabilitation”.

"We have not learnt anything completely new from the document. Kiev authorities are dreaming to ret rid of us. The war unleashed by Kiev, aimed at elimination of Donbass population, destruction of vital infrastructure confirms it. The economic blockade imposed on our civilians does not contribute to favourable living conditions. Now their sick mind has conceived a deportation plan," Pushilin said.

He said that only Donbass residents decide where to live, whom to make friends with, what language to speak.

"We have chosen a road home, to the Russian Federation, the Republic is moving steadily to its cherished goal, developing and strengthening integrational process with Russia step by step. Meanwhile, Kiev's actions remain of s destructive nature," Pushilin said.*ot