Donetsk, Oct 30 - DAN. Denis Pushilin has succeeded in stepping up the Council of Ministers' work and created a friendly business environment in the Donetsk People’s Republic during his first six weeks at the top post, an official said on Tuesday.

“Pushilin, at the new post, is pursuing a welfare-oriented policy. The authorities have turned to business people who have had a hard time recently as some entrepreneurs had to leave, head of the administration of Donetsk’s Voroshilovskiy district, secretary of the local branch of the Donetsk Republic social movement Vladislav Latyntsev told the Donetsk News Agency.

 “Today, new prospects are presenting themselves such as the important decrease in the excise duty on fuel imports which will reduce prices of different goods,” he said.

Latyntsev also praised Pushilin for stepping up the Council of Minister’s work. In his opinion, the ministers’ accounts of their work indicate that serious systemic efforts have been launched.

On September 7, the DPR People’s Council (parliament) appointed Denis Pushilin acting Head of the Republic. The decision was made after the death of Alexander Zakharchenko in a terrorist attack.

The DPR parliamentary and Head of the Republic elections were set for November 11. Pushilin registered at the Central Election Commission as a Head of the Republic candidate. A majority of experts say that Pushilin is a clear favourite in the election race.*jk