Donetsk, Sep 2 - DAN. Not a single hint was made at the prospects for the soonest peaceful settlement in Donbass at the talks between U.S. President Joe Biden and Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky on Wednesday, Donetsk People’s Republic Head Denis Pushilin said on Thursday.

“That meeting ís not about peace, it’s about Ukraine and its judicial system going under external control of the USA, allegedly under the aegis of reforms and with low costs,” Pushilin said. “The meeting showed the dismay over a lack of any mechanisms to stop the Nord Stream 2 project. Perhaps, they even discussed the supply of liquefied gas to Ukraine. It was about “partnership” and prospects for Ukraine’s moving towards NATO with no deadlines. About new supplies of lethal armaments to Ukraine. “Javelins” again.  Not a single hint that making peace is among Zelensky’s priorities.”

The U.S. and Ukrainian leaders, Joe Biden and Vladimir Zelensky met in Washington on September 1. The talks lasted slightly more than two hours. Biden promised financial support to Kiev in issues related to Donbass and the fight against the coronavirus infection. The U.S. leader praised the Ukrainian authorities for the NATO membership drive.*jk