Donetsk, Oct 12 – DAN. The DPR Central Election Committee has approved 408 polling stations to open on the elections day, November 11, said Olga Pozdnyakova.

"Today the commission has adopted a regulation on establishment of 408 polling stations across the Republic."

Of those, 152 are located in Donetsk, 65 – in Makeyevka, 45 in Gorlovka, 24 – in Enakievo. The full list is to be published on the CEC website.

"An interactive map shall be made available, indicating addresses of the polling stations. Every voter will be able to find his voting place by typing in his address."

Requests to become part of the polling place team are accepted until October 17. Members are to be selected by October 25.

The Head and parliamentary elections are scheduled in the DPR for November 11. *ot