Donetsk, Oct 15 – DAN. If the DPR Interim Head Denis Pushilin wins the upcoming election, the Republic's residents shall have a wider range of social guarantees, said the head of Telmanovo district Alexander Sursyakov.

"I fully support the participation of Denis Pushilin in the election. I consider him the strongest candidate, able to lead our Republic, to raise the economy and enhance social guarantees and lives of people. We share the aim: integration into Russia," he said.

Sursyakov said that Pushilin was standing at the beginning of the Republic and later occupied important positions actively forming the new state. He has gained experience in state-building and lawmaking, said the head of Telmanovo district, becoming a decent leader.

"He engages in all the spheres of state functioning, pays attention to the most acute problems, including agricultural and housing reconstruction issues, problems of small villages."

He said Telmanovo district has been allocated funds for an overhaul of a water pipe, which remained in bad condition for years.

"Election is a material opportunity to make life better. We are obliged to vote," Sursyakov said.
The Head and parliamentary elections are scheduled in the DPR for November 11. *ot