Donetsk, Oct 22 – DAN. DPR Interim Head Denis Pushilin has proved to be an effective crisis manager during his work in the People's Council and the Minsk Contact Group, said DPR acting Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

"Pushilin's parliamentary and diplomatic efforts were outstanding, as he is a responsible, committed worker able to find best solutions for the most complicated issues. He can be called a professional crisis manager. No matter how intricate the situation is, Pushilin can find an efficient and informed solution."

Nikonorova said that Pushilin had demonstrated his expertise while working in the capacity of DPR Interim Head.

"Despite all the complications and challenges he commits to his work, building upon the achievementsof the Republic over the previous years and aiming to do more. After he wins he shall do everything to establish a firm basis for future flourishing and wellbeing of the DPR people."

The Head and parliamentary elections are to take place in the DPR on November 11. *ot