Donetsk, Oct 17 – DAN. Integration with Russia is a key constituent of the DPR development, new authorities will have to focus on it, said the head of the Donetsk Republic social movement Natalia Volkova.

"Integration with Russia is the main objective of the DPR development. More efforts should be put into it. From the outbreak of war in Donbass we have been perceiving Russia's comprehensive and extensive aid. Every other stage adds momentum to the integration, the mutual interest builds up," she said.

According to Volkova, the integration has a positive effect on a wide range of spheres: culture, health care, education, economy, trade unions activity, youth policy, patriotic upbringing, etc.

"New authorities have to continue with strengthening relations with Russia," Volkova said.

The Head and parliamentary elections are to take place in the DPR on November 11. *ot