Donetsk, May 20 – DAN. Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky has demonstrated his support of tortures, said DPR Ombudswoman representing the DPR at the Minsk humanitarian subgroup Daria Morozova.

"The coordinator of our subgroup from the OSCE proposed to sign the anti-torture declaration banni8ng violence against detainees back in 2018, but Ukraine is still refusing to sign it. We had high hopes that Zelensky would change it, but year has passed and Ukraine still refuses to sign it. We believe that Zelensky welcomes the tortures happening in Ukrainian prisons, and Ukraine keeps practicing the violence."

The coordinator of humanitarian working group Toni Frisch proposed back in 2018 to sign a declaration condemning any form of torture, violence, sexual abuse and threats of violence against persons detained in relation to the Donbass conflict. Ukrainian negotiators at the Minsk talks have refused to sign the document. *ot