Donetsk, Sep 6 – DAN. Ukrainian side manipulates with the issue of prisoners exchange on the "all for all" basis, as provided by the Minsk agreements, said DPR envoy to the negotiations Denis Pushilin’s press secretary Viktoria Talakina.

"Notwithstanding the fact that the Package of Measures envisages the prisoners exchange on the "all for all" basis and prohibits the prosecution of person in connection with the events in Donbass, Ukraine keeps manipulating the issue."

Talakina explained that Kiev wants to divide the detainees into groups, some of them subject to exchange and some of them not. Besides, Kiev is set to protract the negotiations to such proportion that it doesn’t' consider detainees' measure of involvement in the conflict and their health.

"DPR is not going to leave any of its people in Ukrainian prisons. We insist and shall insist on the "all for all" exchange."

DPR has long reported that Kiev representatives continuously think up reasons to delay the exchange. After the meeting in Minsk on August 23 no progress had been reported either.