Donetsk, Mar 24 — DAN. Ukraine’s attempt to recapture Crimea will give a reason to Russia to use all available means of defense, including those envisioned by the nuclear deterrence doctrine, Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev told reporters on Friday.

“If we talk about major offensives in the attempt to win back Crimea, it is perfectly obvious that this is the reason to use all means of defense including those envisioned by the basics of the nuclear deterrence doctrine, when the use of any kinds of weapons against Russia threatens the existence of the very state, ” TASS quoted Medvedev as saying.

Russia’s General Staff knows that the Kiev regime is preparing for offensives, and is working on proper decisions. Kiev would be unable to wage a war without the assistance of the West which fully provides it with weapons, he said.

“They wouldn’t last even a few days without this aid, ” Medvedev said. “They are 100 percent dependent on western supplies.  It’s absolutely obvious that the Kiev regime wouldn’t last a week without NATO’s assistance, direct injections of money and direct weapon supplies.” *jk