Donetsk, Sep 17 — DAN. New acts of terror committed by the Kiev regime in Berdyansk, Kherson and Lugansk will not make residents of liberated areas take fright or back off, Donetsk People’s Republic Head Denis Pushilin said on Friday.

Last night, attackers killed deputy head of the Berdyansk town administration Oleg Boiko and his wife Lyudmila who chaired the local election commission. On Friday morning, Lugansk People’s Republic Prosecutor General Sergey Gorenko and his deputy Yekaterina Steglenko were killed in a bomb explosion. Three civilians were killed and another 13 were wounded in a Ukrainian missile attack at the building of the Kherson Region administration.

“All these facts of war crimes are another proof that Kiev wants as much terror and bloodshed as possible, the most horrible tragedies and killing of civilians, ” Pushilin wrote on Telegram. “Ukraine wants us to be at loss, to get scared and retreat, but this will never happen; these monsters should have long understood that they would be surely punished for each of their crimes.”

The DPR leader predicted that the Kiev regime would have a sad ending.*jk