Donetsk, Nov 29 – DAN. Kiev's envoys to the Minsk talks asked for more tome to carry out a legal clearing of DPR supporters kept in Ukraine, said DPR Ombudswoman Daria Morozova.

"Ukraine is responsible for the legal clearing of our guys. Kiev's official representatives said they need more time as the persons confirmed by the both sides have different legal status. Some of them are accused and serve terms, other are awaiting court ruling and some are under investigation. The representatives assured us they will do their best to prepare the guys for the exchange," she said.

According to Morozova, the sides have coordinated exchange lists. Besides, Kiev's representative, the leader of Ukrainian Choice – People's Right social organization Viktor Medvedchuk confirmed DPR and LPR readiness for the swop. He pointed out that it is Ukraine who protracts the process, Morozova said.

"I hope Ukraine settles all legal issues within the assigned time period and won’t protract bringing the detainees home."

Earlier today DPR and LPR envoys to Minsk talks Denis Pushilin and Vladislav Deinego said Donbass is ready to carry out the swap before the New Year and Christmas holidays.

The last exchange between Donbass and Ukraine took place in the autumn 2016, more than a year ago. Since then, all attempts to coordinate a new swop failed as Kiev protracted talks creating problems and pretexts. The telephone call from Russian president Vladimir Putin to DPR and leaders broke the ice on November 15, as the initiative of Ukrainian special representative for humanitarian issues Viktor Medvedchuk concerning the POWs swop was discussed. Shortly after, the DPR announced it is willing for the exchange which is to take place before the year ends. *ot