Donetsk, Jun 16 — DAN. The world is likely to show a great interest in the September elections in the new Russian regions, said Alexander Brod, Independent Public Monitoring Association (NOM) chairman and a member of the presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights.

“Activists will be there for sure because the regions set up public chambers which have the legal right to send observers to polling stations, ” Brod told four news agencies from the new regions.

Regional elections do not envision the monitoring by international observers. Foreign citizens can watch the voting under private arrangement, and, as international experts, they can communicate with political parties and voters and visit public chambers’ monitoring centers, he said.

“There’s a great interest in the election theme, ” Broad said. “They (foreigners) can get an idea of the election process, which requires some courage. Many foreigners who watched elections in Crimea (Sevastopol) and Donbass had conflicts with their employers and suffered suspension or persecution.  If they are ready to swim upstream, they’ll come and see it with their own eyes.”

On September 10 which is Single Voting Day in Russia, the Donetsk People’s Republic will hold elections to the People’s Council (parliament) and municipal bodies. The voting can last for up to three days.*jk