Donetsk, Oct 3 – DAN. The DPR Central Election Commission has registered Roman Khramenkov and Elena Shishkina as candidates for the upcoming DPR Head election, the chairwoman of the commission Olga Pozdnyakova told journalists.

"Roman Khramenkov and Elena Shishkina have submitted all necessary documents and signatures in support of their candidatures. No violations of regulations have been revealed upon the checking of documents; though a number of signatures have been nullified due to procedural violations. Today's meeting has decided to register Khramenkov and Shishkina as candidates for the DPR Head election," Pozdnyakova said.

Khramenkov has collected 9,560 signatures, of those 9100 have been accepted; Shishkina provided 9,412 signatures, 9,189 have been accepted.

On October 1, the Central Election Commission rejected applications from Igor Khakimzyanov, Vyacheskav Dyakov and Ivan Mikhailov.

Ten people have filed applications to be registered as candidates. Denis Pushilin was the first one to be registered.

DPR residents will elect the new Head of the Republic and the parliament at elections on November 11.*ot