Donetsk, Nov 6 - DAN. Early voting began in the Donetsk People’s Republic on Tuesday ahead of the November 11 parliamentary and Head of the Republic election.

Servicemen of a military unit in Donetsk’s Voroshilovskiy district were the first to vote. The ballot papers and a mobile ballot box had been delivered to the unit premises by members of Election Commission No 73.

Prior to the voting, two election officials verify voter passport data and explain the procedure before handing in ballot papers. The third election commission representative monitors the process.

Early voting in the DPR will continue till November 10. It was arranged for the residents who will be unable to come to voting stations on November 11 for valid reasons such as DPR militiamen, the DPR Central Election Commission said.

The DPR will elect its parliament and Head of the Republic on November 11. The locations of 408 voting stations are available on the CEC website.

Five people are running for Head of the Republic: Denis Pushilin, Yelena Shishkina, Roman Khramenkov, Vladimir Medvedev and Roman Yevstifeyev.  Two social movements are competing for parliament seats: Donetsk Republic and Free Donbass.*jk