Donetsk, Sep 10 - DAN. Ann Guenter, a reporter for the 20 Minuten newspaper who came to the Donetsk People’s Republic to cover humanitarian aid supplies from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation has been stripped of accreditation for violating rules of work of foreign correspondents, the DPR Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

The incident occurred in early September when an SDC humanitarian aid convoy arrived in the Republic. Guenter had received accreditation in advance to write about the delivery of SDC relief supplies.

“During her visit, Mrs Guenter did not follow the plans stated in the request form engaging in activities of provocative nature instead. For example, the journalist openly showed her bias and even hostility towards residents of the Republic trying to learn confidential information, and permitting herself to make negative comments that denigrated the honor and dignity of citizens,” the DPR Foreign Ministry said.

“Guenter was stripped of accreditation in connection with a gross violation of rules of accreditation for foreign correspondents and technical personnel of foreign mass media,”under subparagraph 7.7.1. of the Council of Ministers’resolution No 13-26 of December 17, 2016, it said.

Subparagraph 7.7.1. applies if a foreign correspondent or technical support employee of a foreign mass media outlet disseminates false information that denigrates the honor and dignity of citizens and/or other persons or violates DPR legislation.”

20 Minuten is a free daily newspaper in German, published in Switzerland since 1999 and focused on advertising and news.  It has been regarded as the most read German language newspaper in the country since 2004.*jk